Enterprise Solutions

Lead Telecom provides enterprise services focused to USA and worldwide resellers (PINLESS, VoIP, Indirect Access, etc.), dealers, distributors, prepaid card distributors and agents or you have access to manage high volume of voice traffic, you can use these services.
Partners which are fast and flexible and may require self service portal tools, on-demand services and reseller options. Our service is based on providers and termination points ensuring excellent voice quality termination around the world.
Lead Telecom has implemented online platforms to allow you to develop, offer and/or resell these services immediately:

  • Switchless Resellers, Dealers and Distributors: Voice termination & SIP Trunking

Lead Telecom prepaid reseller platform for long distance services, allows you as a Distributor/Dealer/Reseller. You decide how much profit you want to make. You can sell directly to the end user or set up agents to sell on your behalf. Once you register as a Distributor and process a Paypal/Google Check Out/Credit Card payment your account will be immediately activated and you can start setting up Agents and or End Users and start selling right away. Our rates are the best in the industry and allows for you to make a good margin while still providing a compelling price to the end user. 

This platform will allow you to sell Pin Free calling cards, Direct Inward Dialing (telephone numbers), SIP accounts and their corresponding calling plans,

  • Calling Cards: Promotional, Pin Free, Local access
  • DID´s Origination


All routes performance is defined over in-country tier´s or PTTs networks.

Your account manager will handle all your requirements and will be always available to deliver cost effective traffic exchange or termination. You´ll receive real time upgraded information over our online channels: twiter, facebook, skype direct link, etc...

Online trouble tickets allow your technician to be pro-active when reporting any route issues.

Customized SW over SBC´s cloud allows us to monitor customer traffic in real time and define automated routing rules using best carriers and routes meanwhile maximizing highest margins and customer. Remote country GW´s integrated into provider/customer network.

Customized customer reports, automatic reception, easy to read summaries by hour/day, ASR and ACD threshold alarm levels.

Network design was architected to deliver operational efficiencies and to guarantee full availability.