Carrier Services

Carrier ServicesLead Telecom provides carriers services from USA to Tier´s accounts and wholesalers, with customized offers based on volume, and reciprocal agreements; to partners which are fast and flexible and may require self service portals , on-demand services and reseller options. Our service is based on partners and termination points ensuring excellent voice quality termination around the world.

Carrier Services include:

  • International and domestic voice termination
  • TDM interconnections
  • SIP Trunking
  • DID Origination
  • Premium & Standard routing:
    • Premium Routing is ideal for network operators whose retail subscribers demand the highest quality and enhanced features (such as CLI or high QoS) with competitive market rates.
    • Standard Routing is popular with providers whose wholesale and retail customers require stable QoS with aggressive or the best market-based pricing.


All routes performance is defined over in-country tier´s or PTTs networks.

Your account manager will handle all your requirements and will be always available to deliver cost effective traffic exchange or termination. You´ll receive real time upgraded information over our online channels: twiter, facebook, skype direct link, etc...

Online trouble tickets allow your technician to be pro-active when reporting any route issues.

Customized SW over SBC´s cloud allows us to monitor customer traffic in real time and define automated routing rules using best carriers and routes meanwhile maximizing highest margins and customer. Remote country GW´s integrated into provider/customer network.

Customized customer reports, automatic reception, easy to read summaries by hour/day, ASR and ACD threshold alarm levels.

Network design was architected to deliver operational efficiencies and to guarantee full availability.