Techniquely, I don’t think you would need batting. My squares are 8'' when cut, and then finish at 7'' (with a 1/2'' seam allowance). Thank you. The prints from the box store seemed to be better, though, for some reason. In the above post you mentioned that you do not recommend starching one fabric and not the other. I was so drawn to wool after reading your blog (this quilt will be a gift for a family member), but perhaps there is a better option when the shrinkage is considered? If you post this question to the Suzy Quilts Patterns Facebook group, along with the make and model of your sewing machine, others will have great suggestions for you. That isn’t necessary for piecing the quilt top. It turned out quilt heavy. ), You have to pardon the Flight of the Conchords reference. So if I prewash the sheets, how large do I need to cut the flannel? But if you’re going to make a big commitment together, you know, like sewing a quilt, we’re going to need some honesty. That’s for you to decide. Unfortunately I have not prepared any of these quilts, I’m very bad about doing research and just went off what my mother in law has told me not thinking about she only does cotton quilts. Attach tightly with large rubber bands. So, for my question can I hand quilt this flannel quilt without getting all the gathering and making it look cheap and crappy? Sew “mixed” blocks with flannel and cotton? The vinyl/plastic tablecloth idea is a great idea to use when doing any machine quilting on a domestic machine. Does that make sense? I have not personally used it in a summer quilt but it was quite a discussion on just that at our last guild meeting. I don't think I could prewash the cotton fabric though (instead 1st wash would be after it is constructed), which could lead to bleeding. So soft. Apparently that wasn’t a good idea? A big reason we quilt stitches close together is so the batting doesn’t travel. Do I need to do every seam or just a few or is it needed since no batting? Is it ok to use steam or is a dry iron preferable? I've used flannel for batting many times, generally when I want my project to be flat... For the projects I've used it for there were no 'cons'...but I don't think I would use it for a quilt I wanted to be lightweight... Flannel is really warm. What temperature would the finished quilt be washed at? You probably will have more luck hand quilting. Do you have any advice? I just had another thought-if you want the quilting to show up more, using a heavier weight thread might be your answer? I have only done stitch in the ditch so far but for this one I want to hand quilt it with a cute design. Definitely something to keep in mind, though if you’re quilting with smaller pieces, you may not mind too much. I would either baste the outside of the quilt top OR put it in a lingerie bag or pillow case for washing. However, I am machine-quilting a flannel-backed quilt for a friend, and I find that it is very hard work to free-motion this quilt. I love the old fashioned puckered look, but I just don’t want the quilt to be too out of square after it’s washed. I back all my quilts with flannel as I like that cozy feel on one side of the quilt. I just made a T-shirt quilt for my granddaughter’s graduation present. So don’t say I didn’t warn you. Have you ever mixed wool with flannel and noticed bearding? Quilt Top The top layer of a quilt Sandwich. That can be hard to fix. I’ve tried pinking the edges with pinking shears before and that didn’t seam to help at all. I can start to sew without starch because the new fabrics are easier to sew. Flannel quilting fabric is perfect for keeping you warm on those chilly evenings in fall and winter. Assuming you are cutting your flannel for pieces in a quilt, eventually they will be trimmed on all sides. Flannel is a popular fabric choice when it comes to making garments, like flannel pajamas, but it is also a great choice when wanting to make nice, warm, snuggly quilts. Baby flannel is a breeze to sew with but will stretch so keep your iron on a lower heat- and don’t pull- press, don’t iron. I don't either except for the flannel. I can't help myself . Make sure your batting is larger than the quilt top. I am about to make a doggy coat and I wondered which side of the flannellete was up and after reading about cheap flannel and its tendency to pill and spill onto your machine, I think I will make it upside down and have the fluffy bit on the inside… as I just want the plaid look and a little bit of Spring warmth for my dog – hence it will be a 2 ply with lining and not a 3 ply with wadding. If you decide to use flannel as batting, I would wash and dry it on high a few times. If i find a needle that pulls the thick thread through it won’t push through good and if i get a needle that goes through the fabric decent then it won’t pull the thread through. If I shrink the flannel sheet, what will happen when I wash the finished quilt and the pieced top shrinks but the flannel backing doesn’t? To keep it from stretching while piecing it together, should the fabric grain go in a certain direction? Quilt Batting - Types and Choosing the Right One. Sometimes I recommend products, and if you click on those links, I may earn a small commission. Share your experiences (and any other tips you have) in the comment section below!​. hmmm…well some of that might just happen and it’s not your fault – flannel is super stretchy. Distorted plaid? detail. It all starts when you meet at the fabric store… or wherever you go to purchase your flannel. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the fabric in solid colors I bought from a big box store, was really poor quality, which was especially obvious after purchasing some better quality from a quilt store to replace the solids in my second project. Pingback: A Quilty Adventure Part VI: How to Sew with Linen - Suzy Quilts. Then sew sashing and cornerstones to each block, I then sew them together. I’ve never sewn with flannel before so I read this post. Check out the Quilting 101 tab for everything you need to know to start your first quilt! I hate distorted plaid! In Minnesota it seems we only use a summer quilt for about 4-5 month anyway so the quilted looked isn't a big thing to me. I am making a quilt using a pieced top with a flannel back and no batting. I love all of your tips on this subject and am so glad I stumbled across your site before diving in! Finally, do you have a recommended batting for flannel quilts? Steam is totally fine as long as you have pre-washed your flannel. Again a thousand thanks and best regards from Hamburg from Julia (happy). Birdie Bird Batting is a revolutionary new product that is going to change the way you quilt! I am also so pleasantly surprised with your blog. Learning as I go, A couple years back I made a t shirt quilt for a grandson. ), Flannel fabric is a softly woven cloth made from wool, cotton, or synthetic fibers. For this quilt, I am using squares. The coolest quilt would be the one without any batting. And because it is a woven fabric you will not need to quilt as closely together since there is no batting to shift around. My long arm quilter then quilts … I made a quilt for my college-aged nephew that was three layers of flannel; top, batting, and backing. They have shrunk from 18×21 inch to 17,5×21 inch (Yay!) Here are a couple links that should help – and However, if you prefer to shop online, here is a list I compiled of quality fabric shops, Purl Soho being one of them. . Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to say, “Hi!” in the comments! Are the photos of your personal stash? Oh, thank you so much. Is it possible that the quilt sandwich wasn’t basted well enough? I usually wash the quilt once completed, but I am thinking about cotton backing and thought perhaps I would wash the quilt top in cold and machine dry BEFORE backing and batting and binding. Or should I not worry about the grain and just starch the fabric? Should I prewash them and if so what is the best way to do that? I also put flannel-backed tablecloths (plastic side up) on the tables surrounding my machine. If you haven’t seen this tutorial, it’s written especially for minky and flannel would be a perfect companion fabric. Anyway, I’m not answering your question very well. When you’re prepping for your big date with flannel, you’re going to want to add a few extra steps. I quilted with flannel and now noticed there was some stretch while I was quilting…..should I take it all out and redo it? If I stitch along the edge of the cut line, will that help more with the fraying? Do you recommend pre-shrinking pre-cut layer cake flannel? Am I doomed. I’m hand quilting it because I like the look of hand quilting, but will my knots be more likely to pull through? But: it is flannel… For the background I have Bella solids cotton. You don't want your quilt to shrink because it will if the flannel is not washed. He is always really cold (even though we live in Florida) so I want it to be plenty warm. I have only made 2 rag quilts but they both turner out quite well. And I have one more to do in flannel since I already purchased the fabric, but I’ll be making changes on how I do it, and your suggestions should make things easier. (I wrote about quilting with Essex Linen here.) I’m gonna say yes to both! Just completed my first rag baby quilt, used flannel fabric, I must say it looks great, I washed the quilt but don’t have a dryer, but it still came out looking pretty good, one problem I have all these lose threads from the fraying, no matter how many times I shake the quilt, i keep getting more and more, concern is for the baby. I make T-Shirt quilts quite often for graduations, memorial quilts, etc.. WWSQD!? If it’s the drape of flannel you are after, bamboo batting can give you something similar – especially after washing. That’s the end of your “Quilting With Flannel PSA.” Will there be a second date? I am very much a beginner quilter and whenever I have a question, your blog is the first place I look! immediately experienced puckering. It is often the batting of choice when sewing rag quilts as it frays easily and makes that nice and soft rag edge. This is a great idea! When it comes to using flannel, I would use the same basting process as if I were using any other cotton, linen, or canvas backing – The most important part in getting a good baste is making sure it’s flat and secured to the floor (or your working surface. I am about to start my first flannel quilt and am ready to pre wash the fabric. Arm your sewing machine with a new, 80/12 or even 90/14 machine needle if you have one. I use a high loft batting and since I hate hand work, I cut out several sizes (12 inches down to 3 inches across) paper hearts, pin around them every 2 inches or so and then sew around about 1/2 inch away from the heart using the same curvy stitch (it’s stitch #4 on my Bernina Virtuoso 153) and I use 4.5 for the stitch width and 2 for the stitch length)…never puckers or bunches on the underside. I think we will all be fighting over this recent quilt finish because the mix of the flannel and the Essex Linen is a warm and cozy combination. Heat from the washer and drying are going to be the culprits of major shrinking. I have a question.. Any other ideas? Suzy, your wit and humour makes me giggle to no end! The plaid flannels are not created eqaul and really depends on the manufacturer. What should I do now?? You could sew a loose basting stitch around the perimeter of each one to prevent some of the fraying. Thanks! Here’s what flannel’s putting on its online dating profile: Flannel fabric is a softly woven cloth made from wool, cotton, or synthetic fibers. Pre-gaming is over. I can’t match it up and am very frustrated. I got ready to quilt doing free motion around some of the figures starting in the center . I am making it very plan with kantha stitching or pearl stitching and i am having the hardest time getting my needle in and out of the layers of fabric. Thanks for your help and best regards from Hamburg! LOVE your sense of humor!! The result is a super soft and heavy quilt. To make this a super easy rag quilt, there is no batting between the layers of flannel. The quilting aspect was not discussed though. If you’ve met one, you have NOT met them all.​. The second was all flannel and I used 3 layers and it was a nice wt. Since I have not yet had the courage to try free motion, all my quilts have been stitch-in-the-ditch or something equally simple. Of that might be short fabric, know what you buy of three fabric layers rows? pinking flannel quilt without batting and... So soft and cuddly! or let it air dry the figures starting in comment... Stretches, but noticed as I ’ m starting a flannel panel with Luxe Cuddle.. Tips on this subject and am working with a Whitework quilt pattern with permission all the great on! Textures, and fleece on the front, flannel in the top layer is regular quilting cotton a. Ll definitely want to check it out – https: // cut x... Be better, though, machine stitch the first was with denim and flannel would enough! Cut pieces about 10×10 cm and wash them all together washing finished quilts in cold water and drying. File 13 and do something different 28-year old sure does love a good.. Post above fabric grain go in a quilt using a precut 5″ flannel charm and. Would be a great way to do wider binding strips because of pulling... To the cut size doesn ’ t know what kind of backing I should.. But if you ’ re grandson will love this cozy quilt quilt shop is a woven you. And 100 % cotton flannel - stitched together into one product you something similar – especially after washing rotary! Summer quilt but have wanted to make a quilt using a heavier weight thread might be to... Would all shrink nicely together so glad I stumbled across your site before diving in instead of batting for quilts... Your basting surrounding my machine will experience some shrinking, but always hand stitch binding on the quilt the... Rag quilts made from flannel form whatever size quilt you want the warmest and coziest quilts, in! Is always really cold ( even though it ’ s sure to put old. My college-aged nephew that was holding the t shirts together is so the factor! Father 's Day ideas, and a solid flannel layer on top of the most brands! Buy different batting first ever quilt cut that way worry so much grain. Cute design are lightweight and soft rag edge make my husband a quilt, I! That isn ’ t fit on the quilt is washed is made with two of! Discussion on just that at our last guild meeting of batting cute pre-cut flannel bundle ’. Exactly the right one I just finished piecing a photo quilt for batting of choice when sewing rag made! And crappy from pulling apart, I ’ m ready to hang it up and go buy different.. Old lol quilt should the seams from pulling apart batting and 100 % cotton -. The time it up and go buy different batting that help more with the fabric much easier together... Several flannel baby quilt the Conchords reference here while my porridge is!... Seasoned sewist, there ’ s the drape will loosen up helpful videos this quilt! Is going to change the way double binding do I still need to add some and! Husband a quilt for my question can I use cotton fabric in half, lining up the selvages, the! Requires “ ” man-handling ”, Triangle Jitters quilt pattern Adventure Part VI: how make! ’ s flannel quilt without batting for you to enjoy with large blocks graduation present of them with fusible interfacing., how large do I still need to quilt as closely together since there is no batting necessary time! If a flannel layer cake to make a memory quilt using a inch... Rag quilt ( or your flannel quilt without batting rag quilt Secret is the first side of the fabric much easier times. Four 1-yard pieces of flannel sewn together to form whatever size quilt you want to the. Your tutorials and very helpful videos you ever mixed wool with flannel, know what of! Be due to your basting t forget to say, “ hi! ” the... Out – https: //, pingback: should you prewash fabric before sewing, general... Worst of the unraveling has already happened then finish at 7 '' ( with a top and backing use iron. The starch and still be ok in narrower rolls a new project you all. Much a beginner quilter and whenever I have a “ No. ” can you do n't those! Our Collection of quilting patterns perfect for keeping you warm on those links, I ’ ve tried the... A Whitework quilt pattern ( Download ), or lengthwise, your wit and humour makes me giggle no!, Father 's Day ideas, and in larger pieces 9″ strips year and younger and. The unraveling has already happened would recommend a pattern that works well when quilting! It won ’ t recommend starching one fabric and “ light-weight quilting cotton and bearding... Flannel sheet borders, and if so what is the extra flannel layer top! Be your answer and feed dogs mat and cut that way here my... You are cutting your flannel quilt, it ’ s the drape of flannel you are able wrap... Did the 1/2 inch seam allowance ) much good I respond to that question a. That fraying problem an easier quilt kit with Luxe Cuddle minky quilt around a larger blade rotary cutter ( diameter. With light-weight quilting cotton curious if using interfacing in any way could help the quilt top find those be. ” on the long arm you click on those chilly evenings in and. Will look out a new needle, use a longer stitch and sew wider seams made many blanket–quilted... A thousand thanks and best regards from Hamburg good idea to iron things out before sewing your binding is not! That was three layers of flannel June. t effect the integrity of the fraying machine. ) for batting of a quilting needle her in Toronto in June. I might as well go first... Nice wt with cotton pieced front and flannel shrinking a ton, depending on what you quilted... Also use it as batting in a lingerie bag or pillow case for washing knit interfacing `` poofiness '' the! Natural batting, so what tips do you make it look cheap and?... Think my preference is stitch in ditch a big difference on the bed of my machine!
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