Ultimately, preplanning and the reason for bugout is what determines the contents of any prepper stash. I keep a sharpening stone in my BOB. Mason-Jarred Food – Too heavy and fragile. For when you lose your primary pair, or need to hand off a set to a family member. Water Bottle, stainless steel – No paint or coatings. Use clippers to keep them short, clean and strong. While not 100% effective (what is?) #64. What is a Bug Out Bag (BOB)? How would a double walled stainless cup or thermos explode? #116. Tinder is important to ensure you can start a fire using larger fuel wood effectively. CPR Mask – Gives you a safe, repeatable, no-contact seal with a victim undergoing CPR. Too Much Clothing – You aren’t travelling for pleasure. Medical Gloves – High quality latex or nitrile gloves will let you perform injury care without exposing yourself to blood-borne pathogens. Freeze-dried Food – Lightweight but needs boiling water to cook properly. Two pair means you have two washing hands for free. #36. #130. Sunglasses –Take care of your peepers! Or multiple knives. Some sauce would lift the mood a lot for sure. Also has strong bonding connotations. Its not bad that the original article is a big list, though, because that way lots and lots of things we can think about if it would fit our need. I also like and carry if needed the Swiss Army Tinker knife. #51. #80. Keeping your teeth in good condition is paramount. You do not need a cup of any kind, waste of weight. ), items will need to be added. Hard-Tack– Lightweight and carb dense, which you’ll need if you are being very active. #28.Emergency Blanket – The silver, space type. A Survival Knife. Join the movement and help bring survival skills and self-reliance back to modern society. Thermal Underwear – In very cold climates, long johns are invaluable and add almost no bulk or weight. Hey, can you make a list of the more essential stuff? This is WAAAAAY too much for most people. Most have a rudimentary hole or notch to be used as a sight. #49. Clothes: irrelevant for 72 hours. You don’t need a rifle. When infection sets in, these may well spell the difference between life and death. Make sure it has a generous hood. Bulky, but an important part of any well-stocked medical kit. In urban areas shelter will be abundant but a good wool blanket will still come in handy. Trash Bags – Numerous uses, from sanitation, solar stills, water storage to containing wet or dirty clothes, boots, etc. In terms of food I would always go for centuries old known things like flour, rice, butter, cooking oil. checklist's focus is on the bug-out bag, a backpack or duffel bag or even a suitcase, that is packed a ready to go when an emergency hits. Pajamas – This isn’t a slumber party. Quality specialist tints also allow you better contrast in shady or bright light conditions. #3. I prefer the drop point because it is what I have always used, and am familiar with. Water Bladder with tube – Excellent for drinking on the move, and holding more water conveniently compared to bottles or canteens. Think about it, if you had a m4, a m9 and a ka bar, which would you use. You don’t need extreme high output for this; focus on comfort and long run time. Sure, you can tear or bite your nails short, but aside from being nasty, it makes your nails weaker. The worst that can happen to flushable wipes is that they dry out – an ounce of water in the bag (even if the bag has a hole) will re-hydrate them for immediate use. Good for a more substantial meal or preparing for a group. So you want to have some packed. They come in a well-rounded kit containing all the essentials you need to survive during an emergency. Over time everything starts to add up, and come together. Having a well-stocked first aid kit would make all the difference as it … Every survivalist needs a bug out bag list to stay prepared for any SHTF scenario. There are a variety of types on the market. This list actually helped me to reassess my own kit to make it more efficient. The chances that you will be exposed to novel germs in a SHTF scenario are very high. B. You Need More than Your Bug Out Bag. #87. Preplanning on an individual or family unit basis is paramount. Help, my BOB is 65 lbs. Seems to me I could do a lot more(skills) with a lot less (gadgets). Your e-mail is 100% safe. A ground pad helps a lot on top of tent floor or tarp but depending on your physical condition and age. When disaster strikes, you’ll perhaps have time to figure out whether you can take everything you want with you or not. Can you bunker, survive and protect the homestead a week or two without available water, electricity, food, etc.? #18. I agree not all of the items are important for everyone, but I would highly recommend you think beyond 72 hours. Ultra-light and takes up next to no room, but take care that it does not get punctured. If there is any chance you’ll be outside anywhere but the hottest climates bring an insulating outerwear top. A pair of pants, a couple … Even if you realize at some point that you won’t be able to carry that much weight, you can just disregard the smaller bag, maybe even cache it somewhere where you can return to at some point. Water will be plentiful but you would still want to purify it. Cute list, but who would take canned tuna over packaged if you are saving space and weight… only complaint! Hello, These are designed to absorb and wick fluid away from the wound site. that we missed in this post? Windproof, waterproof. Additional color LEDs or modes may be beneficial. Choose your favorite, but don’t go overboard: the dry, salty nature of jerky will crank up thirst. Your email address will not be published. #91. Keep a tube in your basic first-aid kit. The less weight, the further you can travel on foot. Coat depending on weather. Poncho – Used for keeping rain off of your body on the go or as a small shelter. Multi-Tool – A multi-tool will allow you to have the most commonly used tools in a small package. To protect against water you can install it into a special water-tight case. Too small and light to not have a small bundle. Stainless steel is heavy, for an emergency travel the lighter the better, like whatever plastic bottle(s). Clothes eat up space that comes at a great cost. Selection requires careful analysis of anticipation and likelihood of threats: armor is heavy, hot and cumbersome, especially hard armor that will defeat rifle rounds. A strong, sturdy canteen that won’t break or get destroyed easily. Hat might help if it gets cold at night I guess, or there is your second T-shirt again.
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