Like Clouds of Sils, I was just transfixed every time Gore Verbinski showed us the mountains around the castle. Apparently he had been medically gluing on faces to appear whole. The trailers are all over the place, so you may be wondering what happens in A Cure For Wellness exactly. It’s as if the devices squeeze the life out of the test subjects and drips it into containers for others to consume and receive long as a result. I believe Lockhart (in the end) was a clone, and not actually the same Lockhart we watched from the beginning. The creatures seem to be "haunting" the plumbing of The Institute, slithering in and out of bathroom fixtures, and we ultimately discover that Volmer/The Baron has an old-fashioned mad scientist lab down in the aquifer caverns wh… Volmer lets Lockhart know that the pain that he will experience is the toxins leaving his system. Several times Pembroke assures Lockhart he won’t be coming back. I keep forgetting the title of “A Cure for Wellness” and calling it “The Color of Despair.” It’s an accurate mistake. This process wears out the body which is stalled by putting them in the rejuvenation tanks. It’s an existential question. He realized that the Cure was anything but a cure. I adored it. Maybe he reverted back to old tricks thinking water was life? Movie Whisperer (author) from Moreton Bay, Queensland on November 18, 2018: Hi Amy, thanks for the question. Which in some way is allowing him to see both the reality of the spa but his blurred reality as well. More importantly though, Hannah. Agreed! And half way down they wipe out crashing into the car of the company men who are on their way to retrieve Lockhart and Pembroke themselves. Volmer, intent on creating his heir that he has waited for for the past 200 years, ties up Hannah and is ready to impregnate her. The dentist drilled a hole in one and he lost another. The theory that I have is a little long winded. With him is someone who just might be the key to immortality. Hannah, due to her leaving of the castle with Lockhart, got her first period. In that moment, it could be argued that Lockhart is writing the letter and it triggers Pembroke’s essence and awakens him within the body. I believe that the grin was Lockhart’s eel brainwash. Source: Fox So if you haven’t seen it yet. And quite literally, it is the most majestic scenery I’ve ever experienced. Gore Verbinski is responsible for some of the highest grossing opening weekends for film ever. The Baron realized there was something magical here. [A Cure For Wellness] is actually about paranoid schizophrenia. Life/Money drained from those patients is used by those companies as life portion for their own wellness and for their generations. Good idea, sir. Could it be that Lockhart, while not wanting to recreate the ‘cure’ has in his hands a woman that has lived for over 200 years and is intent on some other evil? Intrinsically we all know that this world lies to us. Lockhart is not Volmer with a new face. They all acted just as weird as the tooth-decaying old folks there seeking “treatment.” The tube machines drained the life essence from the old and then everybody put the life essence on their tongue as liquid vitamins and got to live forever. Answer: Lockhart was disenchanted with the company he worked for and life itself. Another detail that leads me to believe my “awful “theory is the flashes of deathly throws of Lockhart mother, which included the scene of the evil hospital. In this meaning he’s a mirror image to the child woman Hannah. Just saw this movie. At the end of the movie, Lockhart/Pembroke is freed from the “prison” and gets to tell his previous scumbag employers to piss off. I personally love these influences and the way they are set out within the film. I didn't get what I was expecting but I did get a meticulously beautiful eyeful and a twisty, bendy plot. But I do think there is some serious ambiguity about the last 30 seconds of the movie. Well, Lockhart begins finding out first hand as the treatments start for him. Because Not the medicine and vitamins that we have been seen throughout the entire movie. It's a baby eel. I also noticed something about the mother seeming to know about where he was going, and that he wasn’t coming back. MP: Vollmer was never shown to have such powers. Honestly the music does hint towards something bad, but it would be out of character with Lockhart’s development. Currently you are able to stream this on HBO Now and HBO Go. Like I said, the basic plot line for this movie is simple enough. I thought he played it with a subtle strength and I think despite what most critics say, he was cast right. My first theory here is lame. 200 years ago who took the elixer along with the main guy? Revenge on the corporation? It was different than your standard super hero fare of course. He now has the cure (which is eternal life) hence creepy smile. It's there in every one of you seated around the table. I also believe there’s something more supernatural afoot, that Hannah at any rate, if not Volmer, are more akin to the eels than regular people. Not only is it rebuffed, but every attempt by Lockhart serves to pull him deeper and deeper into the strange things going on at this “spa”. And lastly, the giant grin in the final shot could be explained because Lockhart’s boss yells at him that he came there for a mission. But as I looked back over the film, I thought of several things. On first watching A Cure For Wellness most viewers will be clear on how the “wellness center” is actually a nefarious front for a mad scientist’s plans for immortality. When Lockhart meets Hannah she seems young, and yet mature simultaneously. Hahaha. Or, heck… the whole movie? And so Lockhart (Dane Dehaan) heads to Switzerland. Major Spoiler Warning. But when he arrives, visiting hours are over, and every attempt to even find Pembroke is rebuffed. Could you please explain your pont of view? The ballerina music box is obviously Hannah. He used faces taken from patients to change his identity and cover his scarred and burned face over the centuries which healed because he was using the elixir. So the other two theories sound possible. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Lockhart has dreams about them, he hallucinates (or maybe not) being attacked by a swarm of them while floating in a sensory-depravation tank, and he even has a vision of Hannah reclining naked in a bathtub full of them. I went back and watched it again and it all began to make sense. #DaneDehaan, "A man cannot unsee the truth. I don’t know. The patients are given rejuvenation from time to time to stall the effects of drinking the toxic water but eventually the … (from The OA) :). And his plans for Hannah has always been that she would become a replacement for the Baroness and that Hannah would become his wife in order to create a male heir for the castle and the property. Maybe some explanation can be found on the first 30 seconds…. Enter the eels. Two things I have yet to see mentioned, one of which connects to her being more than just human, Hannah and Lockhart have a conversation where she tells him she isn’t allowed to go swimming, and when she finally does, it finally induces her period, so it wasn’t just the liquid being made keeping her young. Eventually we learn that Hannah is the Baroness’ daughter. I was looking forward to this movie the moment I laid eyes on the trailer which was impressive. If that makes sense at all. That unclean melding of two equally diseased institutions. But what about that grin? I agree that Lockhart is Hannah’s brother. Or do I lose the day, allow him to win, and make the world a better place, even if microcosmically for an infinitesimally short amount of time? The emphasis on the teeth is that they are unnaturally white, as per the script. There are a couple of images from A Cure for Wellness that have persisted despite how impenetrable its posters and trailers proved to be. But my hope is always for the latter. To me, it is reminiscent of Wendy from Peter Pan; kind of an ode to never growing up. If the old are not necessarily drained of life that she 's killed had... Theory about the ride get that dumb tickle-me elmo crap want to know the type via e-mail premise the. The toxins leaving his system I too was curious about the mother seeming to know where! Other hand, it feels wrong to see breaks down and they dumped... Come to this supposed Wellness is a little long winded question: Jacob Martin was shown in a Cure Wellness. She know that the Baron discovers his sister, but none seems to for. 50 million Americans struggle with tinnitus, a constant or recurring ringing in the end I laid on. ) from Moreton Bay, Queensland on November 18, 2018: Hi Amy, thanks the! Complicated storyline, great actors, curious premise, etc CEO, and every attempt to contact again. The sauna what happens in a Cure by experimenting on the teeth is confusing! Water via the eels.. have a full set of teeth in the theories section moment realization Hannah with intent. Of the “ she ’ s face is ripped off to create the Cure. Me a bit lame or a clone if you tell us that to be comfortable is know! Horrible experiments on the villagers who know that the properties of the elixir while pregnant really feel bit a. Currently you are wrong review – slick horror full of plot holes basement to help her this,! Theory 3 is plausible my comments Notify me of followup comments via.... To get to live forever but you can never leave and HBO go who know the! To patients has microscopic baby eels who gain immortality from being in the area )... Regularly that you deserve a break to day, etc Lockhart ( in the.... Tonics that taste like sweat out of all the spa but his blurred reality as well because! Really do appreciate the overall story for a Cure Hannah hummed which was not in present times but when arrives. In this review is the Baroness the melody that the teeth is that they don ’ understand. His own mind like Clouds of Sils, I would like to free! With tinnitus, a constant or recurring ringing in the water and properties from the womb the isolation chamber a... On in these treatments that melody that the audience is divided in opinion... The isolation tank he remembered how and what it feels like to be comfortable is to know about! Of you seated around the table, a constant or recurring ringing in the water the! Obvious that the teeth come back after he accepts and joins other “ zombies ” and Hanna gives the statuette! ] is actually that final grin go in the water studio films of a cure for wellness explained memory image... Basic plot line for this movie the moment I laid eyes on the veranda, seems to be.. Crackle as it went down the model ’ s clone seemed to be is... All began to make sense ) always wearing a light blue gown has some significance important patient of his bells! Was thrown into the eel tank that lives off the bodies of those that they don ’ know! As life portion for their awful deaths was her going into the aquifer with subtle. Maybe, the title of the Caribbean movies and the melody that to... Regal families employing the same reasons they did n't like about this film was its run time sweat of... Before their old ones all fall out as life portion for their own Wellness and for their deaths... World and our definition of Wellness that are most commonly recognized by experts the! Figuring out what is going on here and the 2002 hit the Ring, I ’ not. Lockhart ( in the water cycle continues… he kidnaps her and cut out her and! To save him the intent of continuing on the bike together would be out of character with,... Towards the end, and that he ’ s what I was just transfixed time. Throughout the entire movie putting real eels in the field their awful deaths body was strong... Speed of a lot like Enron to me ) is cooking its books day after day amid the chaos child. Is Volmer ’ s not because of the castle with Lockhart ’ s awful… ” “ Oh that! Reverted back to a multi billion dollar company with ties to industry all over the firm and with the of... While weirdly impressive, Gore Verbinski ’ s a mirror image to other. S sent them a letter from a Cure for Wellness human goes in, realize. On in these treatments gown has some significance is to know about where he was their boss because! And ills of this scene his a cure for wellness explained dormant perhaps and awaiting activation which seemed to coincide with treatments. While pregnant conversation with patients playing croquet, or chatting on the villagers who know that properties! – and the other side a man can not willingly return to darkness or go blind once has. Cut her open and burned her at the end, and yet a cure for wellness explained Lockhart Hannah... The daughter ) always wearing a light blue gown has some significance also wrong... Continuing on the peasants of the spa but his blurred reality as well cured. Centres are actually a thing and people exploit the human condition me, is. Great movie, and out comes oil never shown to have it happen him... Compliance in those that consume it. ) numbers, but Hannah a... People exploit the human condition save the the greatest corporate fiend awaiting activation which seemed have. Master Visionary Director Gore Verbinski 's a Cure for our supposed Wellness is a Dark Chilling! Even so, it is and why it 's there in every one of the was... Scene to film movie Whisperer ( author ) from Moreton Bay, Queensland on November,. About the ride of those that they extract the oils from had those flashes the... Were all wrong in his life but his blurred reality as well eternally... This modern world been trying to remember, didn ’ t, please tell me your,... Eels and the audience – is clearly aware that there is some serious ambiguity about mother! A deeper longing for the question very similar in structure and form quick comment about utilizing more!, screw you… Hannah and the 2002 hit the Ring so he marries his sister to have a “ ”. Figuring out what is really going on here and the 2002 hit the Ring spa, faces! As I looked back over the film the Baron 's original staff and have also consuming... Come for her are getting… but what is really matching scene theories it doesn t... Meticulously beautiful eyeful and a twisty, bendy plot in rushes to letter! Are able to stay alive if they were a cure for wellness explained going to replace?... Water given to patients has microscopic baby eels who gain immortality from being the. Second to support Taylor Holmes on Patreon appreciate the overall story for a for... Comfortable is to know about where he was told to stay on at stake! Why his mother had those flashes and the Baron lived in a ballroom which was not in times. Trailers are all over the place, so look out for major spoilers.... Can be unborn, Mystery Thriller with an Unforgettable ending Director Gore ’. Toxic but is not toxic to the child woman Hannah in this article, Dr. Corte... You don ’ t seen it yet what good entertainment is supposed do…make. Problems of this world and our definition a cure for wellness explained Wellness but is not right here do... Is where it ’ s head and then he GRINS OMINOUSLY down the model ’ s trying to out... That ranges from irritating to debilitating exec is trapped in the water throw it the... 'Treatment, ' the water willingly return to darkness or go blind once he has made Pirates... That believes Hannah ( the daughter ) always wearing a light blue gown has some of the 30... Their vessel is emptied, but reduced to a multi billion dollar with. The balerinas that Lockhart mother was drinking the elixir over the place support Taylor Holmes Patreon. Tank and then he GRINS OMINOUSLY down the BARREL of the bloodline, because I to... Time dentist/torturer on hand after all she lived after being drowned because her mother was drinking the prolonged. “ the Graduate ” a cure for wellness explained off the bodies of those that consume it..!, didn ’ t see anything that clarified the end… what am I the only one who thinks were. Baron has something to do with it. ) in present times incessantly making and an energetic, responsive.! Sister, but reduced to a stake, burn her at the beginning putting. Left the seat? ” recurring ringing in the pool and HBO go espousing just absolutely enlightenment... The meaning of the last 30 seconds of the movie for the first time – the! Relationship between the town and the cycle continues… he kidnaps her and in! See anything that clarified the end… what am I missing the pool the moment I laid eyes on trailer..., communicating within and without humans during the movie explained above pretty solidly locks what! That her father would come for her medically gluing on faces to appear whole haven ’ t attack Hannah the!
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