Zumba classes are typically about an hour long and are taught by instructors licensed by Zumba Fitness, LLC. Gold: This class is for older folks or people who want to ease back into shape. A typical Zumba® workout will involve a series of short dance steps that are repeated in time to up-tempo music. Aqua Zumba takes the class to the pool. The Identity Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc. is powered by Identity Fraud, Inc., Walnut Creek, CA, whose members include members of Protection Plan Association, Inc. Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc. is the insurance partner for Protection Plan Association, Inc. members. There are a lot of questions surrounding its definition. Why? Sure, that’s definitely a part of it (and you if you can’t get down with that, Zumba might not be for you), but there’s so much more to a Zumba class than meets the eye. was created by Alberto Beto Perez, who is a fitness trainer for celebrities. Aqua: Combine the easy-on-the-joints benefits of water aerobics with the exhilaration of Latin dance. There are thousands of Zumba workout video clips online. Your whole body is going to feel worked in the best way possible (AKA, you’re going to be sore in spots that you didn’t know you could be sore in). He has also worked as a choreographer for internationally acclaimed pop stars. Zumba sessions combine Latin music with popular Latin dances such as salsa, mambo, merengue, and samba. But, how does that happen? Zumba ® combines hot international rhythms and beats with sexy, easy to follow dance moves and creates a fitness dance party that’s highly addictive! Zumba is a workout featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance, performed to music. It’s become a popular and trendy workout across the globe. The classes move between high- and low-intensity dance moves designed to get your heart rate up and boost cardio endurance. Here it is in all its glory, our neatly wrapped definition of Zumba (copy and paste this, write this down, file this under important bookmarks, do whatever you need to do to remember this groundbreaking definition). Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc., a 50-state licensed broker, is the broker for all coverage under Healthcare Professionals Purchasing Group, LLC. If you want to join a Zumba class, leave your aerobic step, exercise ball, and 1-2-3-count at home. You need to know what you’re doing if you’re planning to offer a badass Zumba class. What makes our Zumba fitness classes so popular is that it feels more like a dance party than a workout. Zumba sessions combine Latin music with popular Latin dances such as salsa, mambo, merengue, and samba. Zumba is Latin dance fitness form. After a Zumba class, you’ll feel less like you marched in a boot camp drill and more like you let yourself go at a party. And when we do this, remember, we’re not just talking about the benefits of taking a Zumba class yourself (although, we’re never going to advise against that). We encourage you to give into it. Weight Training: How Many Reps (and Sets) to Do. Zamba is a traditional dance of Argentina.It is a style of Argentine music and Argentine folk dance. Dance is the most fun way to get fit and stay active and healthy. A cool down is totally necessary after that hour-long dance sesh. First of all, you’re kind of right, but not exactly. The music comes from the following dance styles: cumbia, salsa, merengue, mambo, flamenco, chachacha, reggaeton, soca, samba, hip hop music, axé music and tango. Each Zumba dance workout involves highly choreographed routines that are set to upbeat salsa tracks. No one else is, either. Copyrights 2020 © Insure Fitness Group | Privacy Policy & Terms of Service | Sitemap, The Liability master policy is issued to the Healthcare Professionals Purchasing Group, LLC, members of which are also members of Protection Plan Association, Inc. Zumba is a registered trademark for the dance classes developed by Alberto "Beto" Perez, a Colombian dancer and choreographer, as a way to turn a fitness class into a dance party. Zumba definition, a brand name for a fitness program consisting of dance and aerobic exercise routines performed to popular, mainly Latin American music. Zumba is an interval workout. It has six beats to the bar and is a majestic dance, performed by couples who circle each other waving white handkerchiefs very elegantly. If you’re planning on adding Zumba to your fitness repertoire, you need to do more than just study up, get certified, and learn how to choreograph—you need to actually understand what’s going on in a normal Zumba class. So, without further ado, let’s try to cover as many Zumba benefits as possible—and count this as your official warning (because there are quite a few). Still, Zumba is kind of hard to define. Further, it’s got a pretty interesting, basically accidental history which makes for a cool story, but also kind of adds to the confusion. Zumba is an international franchise, so you’ll find classes in most cities and over 180 countries throughout the world. Who said exercise had to be boring and tedious—get your dang groove on, guys. Now what? Yes, just not as many. As the world adapts to the COVID-19 pandemic and partakes in social distance , everyone is looking for ways to stay active at home , and Zumba is a great, mood-boosting option! Unlike a traditional aerobics class, you don’t … Zumba Fitness is an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party that’s moving millions of people toward joy and health. That’s exactly what we’re here to break down. People flip out for Zumba because it feels more like a party and less like a workout (we can get behind that). There are so many different Zumba routines that anyone at any fitness level and age can have fun and see positive results. This is where the silliness comes into play, but again, we promise it’s totally worth it. Healthcare Professionals Purchasing Group, LLC is included as a member benefit of Protection Plan Association, Inc., an association for health, wellness and beauty professionals and students created for the purpose of providing valuable and important benefits and services to its members. Back in the 1990s, a Colombian dancer and choreographer developed a new dance fitness program that he called Zumba, which combines elements of dance and aerobics. We’re talking about the benefits that teaching a Zumba class will have for your clients’ health, goals, and overall wellness. Zumba is a dance based fitness class with easy to follow dance moves creating a one-of-a kind fitness program that will blow you away!!!! How do you get people to forget they’re doing a strenuous activity and totally embrace the fun side of working out? You’re about to attend your first-ever Zumba class. Zumba is an aerobic dance workout to infectious Latin and world dance music.